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Contact Brent and Kent today!
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2008 Board of Erectors

Vice President:
Press Contact:

Brent "Gordo" Alpern
Kent "Log Man" Bennet

Marcus "Stringbean" Levin Dan "The Tuna Can" Towers
Todd Mingleman

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Mission Statement
bigmembers and its constituents, will strive to maintain honor, respect and equal treatment in the world of genital discrimination. In addition, bigmembers will work towards the modification of daily life structures for the member gifted.
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Affiliate ORGANizations
Second Toe Long Toe Society
Current Causes

1) Extension of public bathroom toilet size to allow free dangling of the member so that such will not touch the bowl. Bowl contact can transmit disease and cause unclean member prior to unexpected sexual encounters.

2) Rear discharge toilets in public areas. The member gifted should not have to endure cold water spray or soaking of said member. This can add undue moisture to the crotch area, and promote fungus and disease. Also, the
uncircumcised member gifted may suffer even more from such sudden cold water splash.

3) Larger in-seam sizes for pants, underwear and the like at all clothing stores. Tight crotch areas are often the cause of daily suffering, itching, grabbing and other pressure in the groin area. Overheating can cause sterility. Overheating can cause spontaneous erections in public places.

4) General pharmacy availability of prophylactics larger than magnum XL size.
Come on, they still don't fit right.

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