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The bigmember Bonnet

The bigmember Bonnet is a revolution in itself! This all cotton portable, and completely washable head gear provides complete and sterile protection during your commode visits. Not only for use during a good easy bowel movement. Yes, it is true. Some men prefer to sit, so don't get stuck with your stick against the bowl. We like to say at bigmember: "Cover That Erection, When There's Been A Misdirection!!" The bigmember Bonnet is impregnated with an anti-fungal, antibacterial, all-natural chemical that will keep you safe and clean. No more splash back, flush frost, or low dangle dip. Eventually when this is available to our community, for each order, we will personally inscribe your bigmember bonnet with our trade mark logo and a name of your choice.

*Warning: Please, do not leave the Bonnet on for 4 months. If you do this, you will end up with 4 of 5 infections that are basically incurable. Ask Grant Clumely, our graphics guy.

We will hopefully offer these to you at the following prices:

1 Bonnet: $ 12.99 each

2 or more: $ 9.99 each