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Bio: Dan "The Tuna Can" Towers

Our prized money man. Dan hails from Baja, California. The son of a Prickly Pear grower, Dan carries a proud Texano heritage. His father, Elija Gomez, was a ukulele player for the Sand Hill Crane Orchestra in San Paulo. Dan fought poverty and discrimination to push his way deep into illegal money laundering schemes. After rehabilitation, and his release from Federal Prison in 1989, he received his GED. At the height of ice cream mania...Dan opened up a Hen and Herries Ice Cream Shop in Haiti. In 1999, with a lot of loot in his pocket he ran into the early bigmembers team at South Beach, Miami. Kent reflected recently, "He came up to us and said, Lukey you gots biggy banana's just likes me Senors. We hit it off, it was like finding a long lost Hispanic brother!"