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...In 1994, A Belgium man with a 21 inch member was arrested for stealing pepperoni from a deli.

...Icelandic chefs, until 1872, were not allowed to cook pigeon if they held their members during urination.

...John Cosbilinitock, of Katchaka, Kansas, was born with a 4 millimeter member that was put under a microscope to determine his sex at birth.

...A Detroit man in 1999 called his brother when his member became stuck in a 1969 Camaro exhaust pipe.

...It is a violation of law in Slangvord, Finland to say the word "member" in 25 languages on Mondays between 8 and 10 am, if the sun is out and your in a car on Highway 03.

...Dadge Freedman, married, had two children, but never knew he was a man, until his wife told him that his "snakey boo boo" was a member.

Research Publications:

"The Origin of the name "GORDO" by Vinjo Vonjo

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