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8 years ago, Kent Bennett was traveling in the lower delta of Ankapanakaroo, Iryan Jaya, where natives regularly have 12 to 13 inch appendages, when he came upon a miraculous medicine. The natives there you see, use a cream derived from the "choyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo" plant. Not only was this cream, called "tillybillybongbong" by the natives, said to enlarge members if applied generously for 87 days (we do not claim that this end of the product actually works), this cream was also said to reduce the all so familiar pant leg chafe common to Westerners with big schlongs. So, Kev, with his keen wit and scientific mind, used some of this cream on his member (which after living in Ankapanakaroo for a year with 4.5 wives, had a very chafed member indeed). To his astonishment, all the peeling, red scaly and crusty patches of dried, encrusted skin just fell off!!! And underneath was baby fresh, soft skin as clean as a whistle.

*WARNING: This is not an FMC approved product. However, it is herbally derived, and therefore, we can sell it. Some select individuals have shown a severe sensitivity to the choyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo plant. If you experience any of the below after member application, you must stop using it immediately and see a physician, or alternatively, dive into a foaming tub of "JuJu" syrup (only available if you live in Ankapanakaroo):

1) Smelly 1 inch bubbles of gaseous exudate on the member shaft.
2) Excretion of the dreaded black urine of Nepal.
3) A central member swelling that the natives call "Whitey Tube."
4) Severe pain that makes you yell for more than 5 hours in any 24 hour period.

We hope to offer the cream soon for the following bargain prices!!

1 Tube: $ 14.99 each

2 or more: $ 10.99 each