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bigmember Pocket Protector

Our diligent market research confirmed what we already knew. bigmembers mean pocket intrusion or as we call it at bigmembers, pocket breakthrough. Depending on the position of your pole, and its attention condition, pocket breakthrough can be embarrassing to say the least. Improper pocket protection can also worsent brief scrunch. Also, the insertion of sharp objects, such as keys, bamboo spikes, shards of glass etc. into a pocket, can on occasion cause stabbing and damage to the dangler. I know what you are thinking? With the protector in can one do all the frequent adjusting that is necessary? Well, we figured that one out too! The Pocket Protector not only protects....and keeps the member in its intended descending position, but we have 3, that's right, 3 finger holes in the base that allow for a full range of adjustments. Made of Camblianium, a double layered fabric embedded with a titanium/aluminum hybrid synthesized here at bigmembers. And, like most of our products, the Pocket Protector is hypoallergenic. It also will come in 4 wonderful colors: Tush, Nostril, Toenail and Earlobe. It will make an excellent gift idea!!!! PROTECT THE ERECT.

Soon to be available at the following prices:

1 Protector: $8.00 ea.

2 Units or more: $7.99 ea.