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Bio: Kent "Logman" Bennett

Length: 11.51 inches
Girth: 4.471183211 inches
Droop: 2.5 inches with a 3 inch upswing near end
Hang: Mostly left, with an occasional right side log jam

Born in the Lower Volta. Graduated from Tanzania High in 1967 after his missionary parents lost him to the white slave trade. Traveled to the U.S. on an oil tanker disguised as a pet monkey somewhere around 1973. Joined the National Guard in 1974 but was dismissed because he wouldn't shower with the other men. Later that year, he lobbied Congress to pass the "Genital Disability Act." Early eighties were spent in an isolation tube at Duke University. Before meeting Brent on Rainier, had a brief marriage to the famous Dina Shore. And here he be now.