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Bio: Todd Mingleman

There isn't much to say about Todd except, TODD! A promoter par excellence, Todd is a master of the spin. Besides the 34 companies he has worked for in either an advertising or marketing field, he also owned 22 of his own companies before coming to bigmembers. A Jewish immigrant from Chile (Don't ask, Todd says there's tons of Chilean Jews), Todd is a media genius. Interviewed and hired for the bigmember spot in 2000, Todd has a resume that is unbelievable. Some of the famous advertisement ideas he has created: The Dancing Toothbrush, Singing Cigarette Packs, Flying Disk Condoms, and of course the famous Beef Society slogan, "If you can't get to sleep, eat fresh meat." Recently, as an artistic move, Todd was arrested entering the MTV awards disguised as Tommy Lee.