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About bigmembers:

In 1999, two entrepreneurial types were sitting on a verandah in Southern France, when one of them (Brent "Gordo" Alpern) rose to the occasion and spurted out an idea that had been fluttering around in his slightly intoxicated mind. Brent said to his world traveling buddy:

"Kent, listen, you and I have huge members right? Okay, right. We grew up being teased about them, right? Right. We are used around the globe, not for our minds, but for our huge protruding appendages, right? Right. So...Kent my friend, I ask, why do we not promote, protect and help all those like membered individuals? Why not, Logman yourself, work towards making our kind acceptable in the modern small phallus world?"

With that small beginning (large beginning really), a brainstorming session ensued, and the roots of bigmembers were formed (and well formed at that). By the time Gordo and Logman were on the Concorde back to the U.S., they had already laid the ground work (2 stewardesses) for a group wholly and completely dedicated to the extremely LARGE member. Working 2 months straight, nearly day and night, Kent and Brent tooled away at the computer and produced a wonderfully supportive and thought spanning product that would project itself to millions of long depressed individuals. Individuals that were only loved for their girth, their third leg, their member, their rod, their schlong, their Johnson, their pole. And, as expected, the team and its venture was embraced (firmly) and a revolution was born. Here we are, and here we work toward the future and happiness of the ENLARGED. Peace be with us!!!!!