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bigmembers Local 101 Darwin, Australia

Carloni Organni is our bigmembers local chapter out of Darwin, Australia. The Union, if you can call it that, formed initially as a fight for the rights of the Aboriginal Leader: Dasmy Willy. Willy, was prevented from flying in the Rock Slide Boomerang Contest because his member was said to swing to the left so fast, it created a pendulum effect, thus increasing the boomerang velocity. Carloni led the big Boomerang parade through town and formed the first bigmembers Union in the world. As you might recall, Carloni arrived in Darwin as an exile from Malta, after a mother of 9 was arrested after being attached to his leg for 5 days.

4 members strong now, the size of this Union is sure to grow. Local 101 membership fees are cheap....only 2.99 every 456 years (Aboriginal Boomerang Time).

Listen for meeting events, and discounts available through the chapter to rare outback chants, puddle jumping and wombat vasectomies.

GO LOCAL 101!!!!!