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Bio: Marcus "Stringbean" Levin

Of all the present Board of Erectors, Marcus is the stand alone guy. He is rumored to have Ebo Factor 10!! Well mannered, almost preppy, the son of a prominent lawyer in Stamford, CT, he is the product of private schools and upper crust enclaves. He brings strong writing skills to
bigmembers. A graduate of Yale Medical School, where he received an MD, Ph.D. in 1982 (His thesis "The Epididymis Exposed, was later published in 14 countries). Levin, a Mensa member and self styled guru of the gargantuan, is married to the Ecuadorian Soap Opera star, Sheila Bravo. Levin met Alpern and Bennett at the 1998 Giant Clitoris Meeting in Chicago. Levin, considered unemployable by the American Medical Association, was hired by the fledgling bigmembers on the spot.