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bigmembers Mega Sheaths

At bigmembers we had to stand tall when we came up with this excellent product. No matter how big the sheath companies claimed THEIR sheaths were, they always pinched, stuck, or snapped our sensitive skin. So, it came to our heads, that if this occurs to a few bigmembers, what might be happening to other genitally gifted guys. That's when Brent blurted out over sushi one night, "We'll just make them bigger!!" So...thats what we did! We made them bigger. Really big. Really big. In fact due to size constraints you only see a portion of the sheath in the image above. Here's what our sheaths have that the others just won't touch:

  • Rotating and floating detachable head gear
  • Ribbed areas that can be inflated to the users desired comfort level
  • Small florescent light strips to direct the erect
  • They are WASHABLE! The first ever! Just throw them in the dishwasher on pot-scrubber and they can be used over and over...up to 20 times before they degrade. Amazing.
  • Aroma Doma (scented tips)
  • Zinc carbide and titanium micro luster skin*

*WARNING: As always, the damn FMC makes us post a warning. Since they never let us see any documents, we have to take their word that 6 young ladies suffered severe metallic allergic reactions to the Zinc carbide and titanium micro luster skin. So, if you have ever had allergic reactions to Zinc carbide or titanium sheaths, or have a metal plate in your skull larger than 2 inches by 2 inches, do NOT use these sheaths on or in yourself. We tried to interview one lady who apparently had a reaction to our product, but on advice of her lawyer (and ours) we were advised not to speak with her.

Eventually we hope to offer these for only 36.21 a pack of 24.6.