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bigmember Tie-Down

When our members give us feed back,
bigmembers listens! Some of our extremely endowed members were having trouble inserting their said appendage in the Member Winder due to girth. So, we went back to the drawing board and had our
bigmembers technical team put their heads together (man you should have seen that). "Keep it simple stupid" was the saying of the day. Jack Slujfakter, designed a fabulous, completely flexible, wrapable, extensible device that allows the user to tie-down their own device to almost any area of the thigh, or in some cases knee. The two patented "grab away" hooks allow for strong grip with gentle grab. Excellent for use with tuxedos and tight fitting 3 piece suits. Can be worn at night for fetal position comfort.*

*Warning: This device cannot be used in water. The metho-poly-apoxy-di-acrylic-monomer-ester-acetate fibers in the strap can shrink rapidly and cut off blood flow to the femur.

Coming to a neighborhood gas station soon at these ridiculously low prices!

1 Tie Down: $7.07 ea.

2 Units or more: $6.03 ea.