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Bio: Brent "Gordo" Alpern

Length: 11.86 inches
Girth: 6.54 inches
Droop: 5.43 inches
Hang: Left

Graduated Girthly High School in 1969. Went to Kuwaiti University. Got degree in "Gender Issues." Went on to form the first Large Testicle Group in LA in 1975. Later, elected to the Circumcision Board of the local Jewish Hospital. In 1982, went to work with a Urologist in Appalachia to reattach farm accident members. Left there in 1985 after contracting Syphilis from a toothless woman named Grit. Met Kent in 1995 while hiking Mt. Rainier to find the lost Member Sheath of the Cor'd'Lein Indians. The rest is History.