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bigmember Glossary

[All measurements adhere to the American Genitalia Standards (AGS) of 1839]
  • Belly Bound: The occasional positioning of the member in an upright position against the body, held there by briefs and the like. Usually temporary due to constant adjustments.
  • Brief Scrunch: A condition when the member is all scrunched up in no particular direction as the result of tight briefs, bathing suits, and the like.
  • Droop: The distance of hang (see hang), that the member dangles in the flaccid, non-attention position. Droop and hang often work together to produce "flaccid face" (see "flaccid face").
  • Ebo Factor 10: Any member that naturally, without surgery exceeds 14 inches in length. Rare, very rare.
  • Flaccid Face: The aesthetic appeal of the entire hang/droop ratio effect. Testicular dangle can have a profound effect on flaccid face (see hang, see droop).
  • Flash Freeze: We all know this one, the effect of cold air or water on the member. Can also occur when waking up in the wrong bed.
  • Girth: The circumference of member itself, as measured around the shaft. AGS will not allow girth gain due to warts, scar tissue, moles or large veins.
  • Hang: The direction of the member droop (see droop) when in the flaccid, non-attention position. Hang can be effected by several factors, that can also effect droop on occasion. Four markers are identified, see "turtle neck," "brief scrunch," "flash freeze," and "belly bound."
  • Length: The measurement of the member from the upper shaft at groin to the glans (tip or head). Extra length due to un-circumcised skin is not allowed by the AGS.
  • Log Roll: A complete and utter un-predicted movement of the entire member in a rapid repositioning wave that catches all off-guard Can be very embarrassing, often needs self adjustment after a good roll. Also see Rim Roll and Shaft Shift.
  • Rim Roll: A condition in which the head of the member seems to adjust itself without assistance. Can be combined with Shaft Shift to produce Log Roll. See Log Roll.
  • Shaft Shift: A condition in which during slight arousal, the member shaft unexpectedly shifts from its current, or usual position. Not to be confused with Rim Roll, a condition where only the head of the member seems to slide into a new position. See Rim Roll.
  • Taint Degrees: The Alaskan Standard of full member measurement not recognized by bigmembers, but nonetheless respected. It is the full measurement from the rectum to the member tip. Often used humorously in the Inuit colloquial saying "I live Taint Degrees Nort of Here."
  • Turtle Neck: A condition not caused by elements where the flaccid member is slightly surrounded by its natural bonnet creating a turtle neck appearance.