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Due out In book stores next month.

The Ass and How it Passes Gas by Dr. Grisham Snail and Nancy Null

Pre-RELEASE reviews hail this work as "...astonishingly fragrant,"
"....a warm work."

After 4 years of collaboration with the best Methanologists in
Melbourne, Dr. Grisham Snail and Nancy Null have produced a book of
amazing clarity despite its content.

"...like the bowels of the earth itself," Jim Jimson of the LA Times
"A tart and relentless work!" says Mary Kroch of the USA Today.

299 pages of text and 30 color photos make this a must for everyone's
collection. With an introduction by Ted Duodenum of the Anus Council.
A rare photo of the Tembolt Rectum is included.

A snippet from Chapter One:

---------While the sphincter, anus, rectum, bowel, hole, butt,
asshole, crapper and brown eye are commonly thought to be the end all,
of gaseous greed.....it has historically been the whimsy of the fart
ferries that have contributed the most to the fumigant faculty. Fart
ferries were common in Middle England where they were the harbinger of
Sultana Flura. In Gaelic, Sutlan Flura means "...the sound that comes
out of my rectum and causes a burning sensation then chases away all my
neighbors." If we follow the legendary fart ferry fumes back even
further around 65 B.C., we find the rare methane tablets of Cartonage.
These tablets are sacred, and are inscribed by pin point methane streams
from the overly tight Cartonage sphincter.-----------------

Gasmasters will be the exclusive distributor of this gem

Academica Press: $44.95 hardcover, $44.93 paperback