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Gasmasters asks: Where have you expelled?

Jamie Quick of Carson, Missouri: I once let lose in my Uncle Willies
tool chest.

Karen Cole of Big Tree, Arizona: My mamma and me was in Sears at the
shoe department, and I let a big wet one rip when the shoe guy was
putting on my peds.

Steve Cripson of Argent, Maine: One day, I was getting my prostate
checked, and when the finger went in, I let a big one go and it pushed
the Doctor's finger back quite a bit.

Don Nelson of Purgesville, PA: Let me just say this, I don't have to
go to confession anymore!

Sheena Totts of Burge, NM: I always pass tiny high pitched pooters
when I'm standing in elevators. People always think its the mechanics.
They do right?

Ursula Badmiton of Tollbooth, AK: I once passed a big long one in
Carl's mouth while he was snoring.

Bob Bentely of Albany, NY: The question is, where don't I pass noxious